Keeping Your Art, Well… Yours

The biggest issue facing you and every other artist is how to make sure your work stays yours, or in general terms: copyright.

Copyright Symbol

Copyright Symbol

You spend hours, days, and months even, making your art – you don’t just want to give it away for free. And when you put your images up on your website, they becomes extremely accessible. Despite being under copyright from the start, people can, and will, try to steal your artwork and claim it as their own. There’s no simple way of stopping them taking your art. You can, however, be vigilant.

Being vigilant includes two simple steps:

  • First: Just browsing art like yours. Sometimes your fans will catch it for you and report it, but sometimes all it takes is a few minutes of browsing to catch an offender. Then it can be as simple as asking for them to remove the image or to give you credit.
  • Second: Putting a watermark on your digital files. A watermark is a (usually) transparent logo with your name and the copyright symbol imprinted on top of your digital artwork. This means that no matter where the image is placed, any viewer will know it belongs to you.

Using a watermark can actually help business too. If a customer really enjoys a piece of your artwork, and they can’t just print it out, they will usually buy a print/copy from you.

Being vigilant by keeping a good social web presence and using a watermark can deter theft and help keep your hard work your own work.  If you aren’t using a watermark yet, check out some articles on how to easily use watermarks with your work.


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